Finally Music Fans can access the
MASH Music Remote

MASH simplifies how music fans control and share their love of music with their friends! The Mash Music Remote control enables fans to Mash playlists with friends in real time, by freely adding hour long sets from Soundcloud, beside their favourite three-minute pop songs from YouTube, Dropbox or Mash Mates platforms.

MASH Music Remote allows you to connect, share and control music with friends in real time, mobile to mobile, no app required! Unlike any other platform!

MASH is all about Music and respecting musicians; the content creators
— Nicky Night Time, Co-Founder, Mash in Music

Today, MASH in music has returned UNDERGROUND, as it works on its true first release, MASHING out the middle between artists, fans and brands!

Mash is the place to be discovered if you are an unsigned artist, as Mash actively promotes all musicians to major labels and helps them understand their fan base and offers new ways for them to make MONEY! 

Imminently Mash will complement this simple music solution for fans by adding Magnets, the world’s first (B2B2C) mixed reality entertainment platform connecting artists, brands and fans in real time. Stay tuned via our MASH app for more rad updates on Magnets, where big name artists will be dropping tracks, tickets and products in your city soon

MASH the right music, in real time, while amplifying the distribution channels opportunities of the existing music platforms,in today’s booming world of mobile music streaming
— Reff Sykes, Co- Founder, Mash in Music

MASH Music Revolution


Mash Music Remote is #thesocialunderground