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Mash is a social media publishing platform for artists to engage, enrich and commercialise existing online audiences across platform. Designed and regulated by artists, for artists.

MASH enables artists to amplify their digital audiences, by building a social profile in music and accessing rich data. MASH solves many of the industry fragmentation problems by offering artists a one stop shop to present their work and engage audiences, along with fans accessing all their music in one place, plus unique music and video unseen on any other platform. Mash leverages patented integrations which extend the existing digital music, content and social platforms, making it easier for artists and fans to engage, learn and give back!

MASH is currently trialling the new solution with a select crew of artists, prior opening the doors to the world. So if you are an artist, know an artists or love new music, then sign up and be sure to hear from us very shortly.

Once we get it right for our artists, music fans will then enjoy all their music in one place, a close connection with their favourite musicians and friends via the Mash Music Remote application, the worlds first social network for music!

MASH is all about Music and respecting musicians; the content creators
— Nicky Night Time, Co-Founder, Mash in Music

Today, MASH in music has returned UNDERGROUND, as it fine tunes its true first release, MASHING out the middle between artists and fans!

Mash is the place to be discovered if you are an artist, signed or unsigned, as Mash actively promotes all musicians to major labels and industry heads, while helping them understand their fan base and offers new ways for them to give them some LOVE!

Join our movement and illuminate the Social Underground of music!

Remember, the more you give the more you get!

MASH the right music, in real time, while amplifying the distribution channels opportunities of the existing music platforms,in today’s booming world of mobile music streaming
— Reff Sykes, Co- Founder, Mash in Music

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